Voluntary Disclosure of Unreported Income

You have been losing sleep because of unreported taxable income earned over the past number of years.  Or you may have money held offshore and you would like to come clean.  Or perhaps you have not filed any tax returns at all and the CRA has not caught up to you – yet.  Don’t worry – we can help you disclose unreported income, under-reported income or offshore money and minimize the risk of criminal prosecution and crippling penalties / interest.

The CRA is ramping up compliance enforcement in many sectors.  It is much better if you go to them before they come to you.  Through the Voluntary Disclosure Program, the CRA offers incentives in the form of penalty and interest relief in exchange for Canadian taxpayers disclosing previously unreported income either earned here in Canada or abroad.

We have assisted hundreds of taxpayers with Voluntary Disclosure Applications and have achieved excellent results for our clients.

We can assist you with your Voluntary Disclosure Application and help you with the preparation of outstanding tax returns – all while maintaining complete solicitor-and-client privilege.

What people say

What people say

Fast. Accurate. Professional. Neil under-promised and over delivered for us. Make the call and you will see for yourself.

Thank you Neil and Team!

The best Tax lawyer I've ever met. He's SUPER friendly and talks to you in a non-legal way. He tries to save you money and get the issue solved quickly.

Thanks, Neil!

The issue I brought to Neil was a very simple one and didn't take long to resolve, but the short time I spent working with him gave me the impression that he knows his stuff and takes pride in his work. I will certainly call him in the future if the tax collectors come calling unjustly again.

John and Neil are such professionals. I was in a really bad state, but they were very supportive and always let me know that there were options. One of their earlier advice saved me $30k! They are the best at what they do and worth every penny!